Network Axis is driven by the belief that every organization has the right to be protected from cyber threats. It is our mission to provide cost-effective strategies that safeguard your organization's data.

Not all organizations have the budget, resources, or personnel required to enhance security. Network Axis exists to lower the cost of entry for cybersecurity, thus protecting end users from the repercussions of a security breach.

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Network Axis consists of subject matter experts in cybersecurity that offer strategic problem solving in an advisory role. We specialize in preventing data leaks and designing scalable architecture crafted for organizations in all industries.

Risk/Threat Assessment This is offered as a free consultation. Network Axis will determine the Security Maturity of an organization and advise on the approach required to achieve the desired future state.
Identify Network Axis will perform penetration testing to identify gaps in existing security controls.
Expectations Review Review the test results and determine which risks should be accepted, avoided, or mitigated.
Protect Improve the security posture by implementing solutions that will manage the defined risks of the organization.
Measure Execute tabletop exercises to test the solutions put in place.

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