We understand that small to medium sized organizations must cope with the same cybersecurity threats as larger companies, but do not have the same resources available for enhancing security. That is why we specialize in securing network infrastructure and designing scalable architecture crafted for any size organization.

At Network Axis, our mission is to determine the network security needs for each organization and provide cost-effective strategies that meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations. We believe every business has the right to robust network security in order to stay protected and competitive.

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Package Description
Trusted Security Adviser Have your concerns addressed with an answer to any security question. Network Axis will advise your company which approach to take at any given point in time based on the maturity and goals of your organization.
Automated Network Security Protect your network with a comprehensive security solution. This package includes a dynamic firewall configuration, URL Blacklisting Service, and active Network Security Monitoring.
Risk Management Understand cybersecurity concerns that are trending in your industry. A risk assessment will help determine what actions are required to mitigate threats discovered through threat feeds and threat modeling.
Architecture Analysis Make decisions with complete insight. An analysis of your network architecture will reveal how machines on your network communicate with one another to identify problems before they arise.
Red Team Engagements Be confident in the security of your network. A vulnerability assessment and modular penetration test will ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability specific to your business need.


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